About School

A.V.M is one of the premier institutions catering to the educational needs of the masses without any bias since its inception in 1974. The Management and the Staff of the institution helped many parents realize their dreams to see their children scale the ultimate heights of success.

As a high school we have been getting a successful result in our S.S.C public examinations. Every year we have scored more than 90% of our pass results. We feel very happy for the hard work, sincerity and dedication of Staff & students.

Our Mission

There were a few people who brought some positive changes in the lives of the people. Walking in the footsteps of those who blessed our society by bringing in many positive transitions and carrying out their vision is our mission. They knew that education was the only medium that would enable man to uphold his dignity, fight injustice and demarcate himself from the rest.

With the changing scenario, our task as educators have become more challenging. It’s not just imparting quality education to child but make him/her a responsible caring, loving, well integrated adult. The right combination of intellect and wisdom are essential. Striking the right balance is the prime duty at AVM.